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October 22, 2020
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December 21, 2020

Get to Know Ty Rumford

Ty Rumford, a Kansas native and Kansas State University alumni, has been working at High Choice Feeders for 26 years. After graduating with his BA in Feed Science and Management, Ty worked for Cargill in Texas and Kansas for 10 years before joining the High Choice Feeders team.

Ty’s duties are multi-faceted as High Choice Feeder’s General Manager. His main areas of responsibilities fall into three categories: daily production, cattle and ingredient procurement, and marketing.

Daily production involves overseeing feeding, feed mills and cattle processing, as well as checking banks and maintaining pins and vehicles. Procurement is closely related to daily production, because it allows Ty to secure high-quality feed ingredients by collaboratively working with ingredient vendors.  Cattle are procured by working with farmers, ranchers, backgrounders and investors to maximize their return in feeding cattle both in feed efficiency and added value to their harvested cattle. Marketing addresses a variety of topics like risk management, sales and financing. Ty says, “Whether you’re a producer, packer customer or investor, you can bank on our experience with cattle and markets”.

Ty has always been fascinated by the cattle industry. He loves feeding animals and seeing them grow. His goal is to produce consistently high-quality beef for consumers to enjoy.

So much passion and commitment for the cattle business translates into a 7-day work week. Ty starts his day at 3:45am. Unlike other managers, he first focuses on reading the bunks to see how much feed is left. He knows remaining feed may signal issues with the water tank or health-related issues with the cattle. Caring for the cattle first thing in the morning to identify any potential issues are crucial for him personally.

Ty makes sure cattle receive their first feed right away in the morning to keep them happy. The second feeding takes place before noon and the third feeding mid afternoon.  He compares his cattle’s appetite to humans:  “Just like us they eat when they get up and have their dinner at noon and supper later in the afternoon.” This system also makes sure the feed keeps as fresh as possible to keep the cattle happy and healthy.

Ty is married with two kids; one is a senior at Kansas State and his other is a senior in high school. His barn cats and dog enjoy the same love he extends to the cattle he manages daily.