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February 22, 2021
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April 23, 2021

Meet our Preferred Marketers: U.S. Premium Beef and National Beef Packing

You might have heard the news that National Beef Packing will undertake a $100 million expansion of its Tama plant through their subsidiary Iowa Premium. But did you know National Beef Packing is one of High Choice Feeder’s preferred marketers?

High Choice Feeders is a shareholder of U.S. Premium Beef (USPB), one of the largest producer-owned, consumer-driven beef processing companies.

“USPB is owned by independent beef producers from all segments of the industry including seedstock breeders, commercial ranchers, backgrounders and feeders. Today, delivering to USPB provides the opportunity to earn greater profits for producing beef designed for consumers.” -USPB               


USPB has an ownership interest in National Beef Packing which explains how High Choice Feeders is connected to National Beef.

“National Beef leads the market for branded programs, including Natural Angus Prime, Black Canyon® Angus Beef, HyPlains Heritage Farms™, Certified Angus Beef® and Certified Hereford Beef®.”     –National Beef Packing


National Beef serves more than 1,400 feedlots from seven states through their processing plants in Liberal, Kansas; Dodge City, Kansas; and Tama, Iowa. Doubling the Tama plant’s capacity will create hundreds of jobs and ease the bottleneck of slaughter and processing capacity. The plant will likely continue producing their Iowa Premium Angus and Est. 8 Angus brands with cattle from farms within a 150-mile radius of Tama. This is fantastic news for consumers, farmers and their communities!

One of the main reasons for selecting U.S. Premium Beef as preferred marketer is their commitment to best practices. High Choice Feeders is included in their Qualified Custom Feedlot (QCF) list. These feedlots need to follow strict guidelines to be recommended to beef producers:

  • Encourage the use of individual animal electronic identification systems.
  • Consult veterinary expertise for selection and proper use of animal health products.
  • Consult the services of a nutritionist for information on feeding cattle for a value-based marketing system.
  • Manage stress on incoming feeder cattle to ensure optimum cattle feedlot and carcass performance.

These relationships aid in the production of high-value beef for consumers, establish a healthy and reliable supply chain and support the region’s economic development. High Choice Feeders proudly contributes with our trusted feeding capabilities.