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April 23, 2021
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July 30, 2021

Meet the High Choice Feeders Team: Manuel García

High Choice Feeders’ Maintenance Supervisor, Manuel García, graduated from high school in Chihuahua, Mexico, and moved to Kansas 12 years ago. Manuel says he started his career at High Choice Feeders because “I have always been attracted to working with cattle and all the equipment.”  

Manuel contributes to High Choice Feeders Strategy for Success by

  • Maintaining facilities to minimize stress on cattle.
  • Maintaining feed mills to maximize gain and feed efficiency.
  • Maintaining the yard to foster sustainable business practices.

A usual day of work starts with checking the main water tank to make sure operations run smoothly throughout the day. Then I check the yard for maintenance issues and come up with plans to fix them. The next step is to check the sprinkler system to guarantee every drop is used cost-effectively and in a sustainable manner. Before I leave for the day, I check the main water tank to make sure there won’t be any problems during the night,” Manuel explains.

Hard-working team members like Manuel help us deliver proven results and maximize our clients’ investments! “With my 12 years here at HCF, I am proud to say we have a great staff full of hardworking men,” Manuel adds.