Meet Kayla Van Meter
March 30, 2022
May is National Beef Month
May 16, 2022

Meet Francisco Rodriguez

The pickup is his office, and that’s exactly the way Francisco Rodriguez likes it. He’s been  working with cattle since 1996, so there’s no place he’d rather be than out in the yard and making sure the cattle are well supported. Cattle feeding is  what Francisco takes a lot of pride in and enjoys that lifestyle as well.

Francisco is the Manager of High Choice Feeders II. He oversees all aspects of the feed yard operations, including fellow employees, equipment, and cattle. He’s known around High Choice Feeders as a hard worker, but that goes with the territory. What makes Francisco stand out is his expertise in every area of yard management and his meticulous attention to detail.

Francisco has been in the cattle business long enough to see changes in the way business is done, but what matters most to him is taking care of the cattle. When it comes down to it, he really works diligently for customer service, that also means, “Taking care of your investments,” he says.