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July 5, 2022
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Beef in a Healthy Diet

We all know we should eat our vegetables. It’s been ingrained in us since we were kids that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that are important parts of a balanced diet. So we eat our vegetables just like Mom taught us, and most of us even enjoy them. But it’s not just vegetables and fruits that are healthy. Most foods can be an important part of a balanced, healthy diet, including beef.

As the Mayo Clinic reports, “You might think red meat is off-limits if you’re concerned about your health or trying to watch your weight, but leaner cuts of beef can be part of a healthy diet in moderation.” If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you may be concerned about eating beef, but you can always choose cuts of meat that are lower in fat and cholesterol. And the reality with any diet is, moderation is key to eating healthy, whether you’re eating beef or ice cream.  

A 2019 report in Annals of Internal Medicine — reported in Harvard Health — “found “low” evidence that either red meat or processed meat is harmful.” Harvard Health explains that doesn’t mean no risk, and that again, moderation and a balanced diet are important too, as are knowing your personal health data and family risks. 

An American Journal of Clinical Nutrition journal article concludes that lean beef provides important nutrients to build and replenish muscles. Beef can indeed be good for you. Beef includes important nutrients and calories, and when combined with those fruits and vegetables, can make us stronger and healthier. So eat your beef, but also listen to Mom and eat your vegetables too.

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