Our Approach to Finishing

High Choice Feeder’s cattle consistently perform well. That’s no accident. A combination of common sense and cutting-edge science and technology delivers strong results for our customers and investors.

We pay close attention to detail. Cattle are processed within 24 hours of arrival. The entire facility is designed to minimize stress on cattle. Yard management and environmental controls exceed industry standards.

Full-time, permanent staff at High Choice Feeders includes a professional nutritionist and veterinarians. Our nutritionist uses computer-generated analysis in developing feed rations that are both cost-effective and performance based. High Choice Feeders has invested in state-of-the-art feed mills, maximizing gain and feed efficiency while decreasing feed-related costs. Staff veterinarians direct an aggressive animal health regimen with a high level of interaction.

High Choice is certified to feed to specialty markets, including non-hormone treated cattle targeted for Europe. An early participant in USDA QSA approval programs, High Choice is also fully certified to feed age and sourced verified cattle less than 21 months of age destined for Asian markets.