Our Employees

Experience You Can Count On

Bradley Scott

Company President


Brad personally handles the majority of High Choice risk management, hedging cattle and purchasing the operation’s input. Thoroughly fluent in feedyard management and commodities markets, he brings a lifetime of experience to the table, and that’s a record you can depend on. “My family has been in cattle feeding for more than 100 years. This gives me a unique perspective. In this business, you’ve got to be in it for the long haul, a flash in the pan is just that. When a customer has cattle with us, we work for him around the clock. People count on us, and I’d like to think we do a better job than most.” He is a former member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has extensive experience in agricultural finance. Email: Bradley@highchoicefeeders.com

John Hintzsche

Managing Partner


Supporting administrative functions at High Choice, John contributes broad experience in organizational management, banking and internal finance. He is committed to an operation big enough to give you clout in the marketplace, but small enough to stay on a first-name basis. “Some organizations see customers as revenue streams. We see them as business partners. Through professionalism, solid industry experience and relentless attention to your business, we will help you maximize your investment.” John is second generation owner/operator of a family owned Ag Business. With 30 plus years’ experience in the Ag Industry, John knows what taking care of the customer and delivering profits is all about. Email: John@highchoicefeeders.com

Bill Hommertzheim

Manager - Feedyard 2


You can’t run a feedyard from a desk. That’s why Bill spends much of every day in the saddle, keeping a close watch on your cattle and sorting with a practiced eye. “High Choice puts real importance in a hands-on feedyard. You can trust us to run a quality operation, one that treats your cattle and your investment like it was our own. That’s the way we’ve always done business, and the way we always will.” Bill has over 35 years experience in feedyard management. Email: Bill@highchoicefeeders.com

Dorinda Jurgens

Business Manager


Working with all business office functions from invoicing to programming, Dorinda represents the front line of the High Choice operation. Her attention to detail guarantees your satisfaction. “We want it done right: It’s that simple. We’re proud of our record, and we want to put our expertise to work for you.” Dorinda has over 10 years experience in business administration. Email: Dorinda@highchoicefeeders.com