High Choice Financing Center

The commodities business offers both high risk and high reward. The simple reality of cattle feeding is this: it is very capital intensive. Our investors approach that from varied perspectives. Some are self-financed; others work within longstanding relationships with financial institutions. The High Choice Financing Center offers yet another option. Through down payments and promissory notes, investors can participate directly in High Choice cattle feeding, with expenses, principle and interest deducted at payout. Investors receive detailed statements every two weeks. Interested in details? Call today to learn how you can be involved.

Diversify with Commodities

The commodities market provides a central, regulated environment to transfer risk through hedging techniques, gain liquidity and discover price fairly. Since futures are obligations (rather than assets, like stocks), futures can be shorted at any time with no inventory or borrowing consideration. Contracts can be sold as an opening position at any time. Price and position limits create market equilibrium. The liquidity of the commodities market allows movement in and out of large positions quickly and efficiently. When you add commodities to your portfolio, you gain diversification and protection against volatility. Additionally, commodities have tax benefits not available to securities. Call today for more information!

Bank on Experience

If you’re looking for a sound investment and you have a tolerance for the fast pace of commodities markets, cattle feedyards are a good choice, and here’s why. Historically, this industry offers a high return on investment – if you know what you’re doing. At High Choice, we do. When you join forces with High Choice, it’s more than an investment. You gain a true business partner. We offer strength, stability and experience you can trust. We’re big enough to deliver results in the marketplace, but small enough to stay on a first-name basis. Our attention to detail protects your investment, and we stand by our word: We’re in this for the long haul. Want to learn more? Contact our financial advisor today!

Current Market Conditions

Futures markets are some of the fastest moving markets in the world. As you make strategic business decisions; fast and accurate information is critically important. Get the edge with DTN, an innovative service delivering unbiased market analysis, real-time field-level weather forecasts and extensive proprietary ag coverage.